Add-on Valve/Source Server Online Players


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I have no idea where to even start for something like this but basically I would love to have an addon that basically will display players that are online on a specific server as seen here:

Only need the online players, not the other stuff (top players would be nice also but not necessary for what I personally am looking for)

I know that this:

Should help with making something like this but I am not knowledgeable enough to make this.

Would be nice to either have this as an addon that will have its own page (have something in the navigation) or even like a xenporta block would be good.

I think other game server owners who use xenforo would also like something like this as well most likely.

I think a fair price I'd be willing to buy an addon for this would be around 10-15.

If anyone can make this happen that would be amazing!