Using XF template syntax in a HTML page

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Is there a code snippet that would allow users to use XF template syntax in a HTML page?
What about a page node?

Admin CP -> Applications -> Create New Page

You can use xenForo template syntax in page nodes. It's basically a HTML page inside of xenForo.

Ryan Kent

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Thanks Jake. I am actually working with "pages" in Jaxel's Wiki which provides the ability to use HTML. They are not true XF pages so it wont work there.

Nasr, it looks like that solution would work. It seems quite technical involving an add-on and some coding I am not familiar with (?php). I need to get HTML/CSS down before moving on to php.

I was hoping for a single line that I could add which would hook into the XF template language. No such luck! I'll wait for someone to try it out and perhaps share their work at which point perhaps I can copy their code :sneaky: