Using Xenforo's framework to build a site


I'm interested in building a whole website leveraging Xenforo's framework. I've worked with CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and other MVC frameworks before but Xenforo's is structured a little differently. I'm digging through the code now and trying to figure stuff out but figured I'd post here to see if anyone could steer me in the right direction.

Would it be worth doing some tutorials on Zend Framework to better understand Xenforo's framework? Oh and are there any database naming conventions required by the framework?

Anyone more familiar with Xenforo, maybe it is worth doing a sample problem?


I want to add two pages:
(1) Page where can select his top 3 animals and commit selection to DB
(2) Page where we can view a user's top 3 animal selection (read results from DB and render view)

For this example problem, we have already made changes to the DB including a new table "xf_users_fav_animals" with columns ufa_id, user_id, animal_rank_one, animal_rank_two, and animal_rank_three.


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If you already have experience with MVC frameworks, I think you should try study from some great add on that others have created. XenCarta (wiki) utilizes Xenforo's page system, might be a good one to look at.