Using xenForo to Deliver Member Content


I am wondering it xenForo would be a good delivery system for monthly membership content delivery. Training videos, PDFs, mp3s, docs, etc?

1. Will it let me? Create forum threads containing monthly training content that are locked for everyone except members with specific permissions to view that content.

Basically I will be adding new training content to the forum each month. Members that join in February will have access to any new training content from February on BUT not the preceding January or December. I would like them to be able to purchase them however.

What is the best way to implement this?

2. Will it let me? Let me update the monthly training content access permissions for multiple members at once instead of one at a time.

If I need to give 100 members access to the March training node....

How would this be accomplished?

3. Will it let me? Lock video, pdf, and other attachment content from everyone except members logged in with the right permissions.

Would I use XenForo Resource Manager to accomplish this?
Is the content uploaded to my website or to a CDN?
How is the members-only content secured?
Are their limitations on video or data sizes? Some of my files are 1Gb+.



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1. Yes, forums can be restricted to those user groups with the relevant permissions.

2. Yes, you can change the permissions of a user group at any time, which would affect all members.

3. Yes, attachments are controlled via a permission.

That is all possible with the standard forum software.
The content would be uploaded to your forum to be permission controlled, but files of 1GB aren't really suited to that sort of thing.
You might struggle uploading files that large to posts or resources.
Hi Brogan,
Thank you for the reply.

I have the demo open, but I am not seeing an easy way to add 100 members to have access to a node. How is this done without individually adding each member to a new user group each month?

How is the uploaded content locked from being downloaded via url by non-members?


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You would add the members to the user group and then set the permission on the user group.

The directory is permission protected so even knowing the URL won't help.


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Now that you are licensed, you will need to post your questions in the appropriate customer support forum, as the pre-sales forum isn't for support (and most members will ignore it).