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Using RSS feeds and copyright situations help ?

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Stemmy, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Stemmy

    Stemmy Active Member

    I have recently been looking at using the feeds section of xenforo.

    What I'm not sure about are any copyright issues that could be incurred by using the feeds.

    If I use an RSS from another website and then publish it in my forum surely the images and text are copyright to the publisher so I would be breaching their copyright ? Is this right ?

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  2. ozzy47

    ozzy47 Well-Known Member

    Not really, if they offer a RSS feed, that is what the purpose is for. ;)
  3. Stemmy

    Stemmy Active Member

    So your saying we can copy text and images from another website and feed them into your own forum without and copyright comeback at all ?

    That seems very odd to me ??
  4. ozzy47

    ozzy47 Well-Known Member

    If it is something that is in their RSS feed, and you are using the feed as they put out, no. There is no copy and pasting involved, you are using a RSS feed they have on their site. If they did not want the info out there, they would turn off the RSS on their side.
  5. Mouth

    Mouth Well-Known Member

    You would have to read the terms/usage of the RSS feed to ascertain where you would stand with regard to republishing content within an RSS feed.

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