Official Notice of ******* about the relationship with Vxf .vn and Copyright issues

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Hello everyone,

To whom may concern!

We are *******, a developer of XenForo products. We had attended this community for over 2 years, from 2012 until now.

In the interview last year with Allan, we had described a little bit about ourselves. However as I noticed in the thread Allan posted, many people doubted about us like we are fraud or we went around and cheated on people in this community, but some people still believe on us and we thank for your trust.

During last time, TheChiro had posted a content about an image we took for our product's illustration. Honestly, this is our fault. We do not deny it or avoid it. As soon as we found out the problem, we had messaged for TheChiro to apolosize for what happened. Simultaneously, we had removed all of the images related to TheChiro's images. After that, TheChiro had sent us a message with the content of the acceptance our apology (As you can see in the attached photo).

However, this causes another problems. If you may notice, in that thread, somebody denounces that we are from Vietnam and we are the admin of Vxf .vn (Vxf .vn is a forum of XenForo in Vietnam where people share nulls of XenForo). With those hard allegations of a member of TheAdminZone, we would like to confirm that before this case happened, we did not relate to the Vxf .vn although we are from Vietnam.

During the process of understanding, we thought that maybe someone misunderstood us. We have known that Vxf .vn is owned by someone from a company called HKDA VIET NAM JSC. We had known about this company around a month ago. Firstly vxf .vn was not created by them. Just a member of them created it because he worked on the technology area. After that, as we knew, he left the HKDA VIET NAM. Seeing the potential of this forum, HKDA VIET NAM has takeovered Vxf .vn since December 2012 and directly managed it.

A month ago, ******* had found out that Vxf .vn had shared a null of our products and we noticed them about this mistake.

Our CEO has also seen the potential of this forum and we want to open our market, not only in the Europe or America, we want to open it at our hometown. With this thinking, we have acquired a large number of shares of HKDA VIET NAM and we have becoming the official shareholder of HKDA VIET NAM. By doing this, we took the control right of decision with Vxf .vn. We have erased all the nulls shared on this forum. Although it is not related to what we did, however, because we have taken control of this forum since that time so we want to apologize all of our partners, competitors …. because of this inconvenience.

Also we want to promulgate about the intellectual property rights on this forum to encourage all of Vietnamese will not have any actions going against operating principles of XenForo.

And something we would like to mention in this post, last time we avoided to talk about who we are because we knew about the bias and we didn't want to let people know too much about where are we from. But I guess that we failed. However, we do not violate any rules or guides of XenForo Community, all we want is just only working and creating the best products and services on XenForo ecosystem.

In short, we have nothing to hide and we are proud to be a part of this amazing community. We know about the rules and we have sticked on it from the first day we stepped in this home. We have bought 36 licenses of XenForo, equivalent to $3000. With this amount, what makes you think that we will take risks for us, especially when we have just earned the first position of Top Developer Table Ranking? We don't think that it's a smart move and we never and will never act like that. It's not the *******'s style.

Overall, XenForo in the future is a potential market and we will try our best to serve the customers the best thing we can for whom love us. And we hope that with our competitors, we still have a fair battle to play.

Thank you for listening to us and good night!
See you tomorow!

P/s: The timezone in Vietnam now is GMT +7 and it is 1AM here, Good night all!



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Still doesn't answer the questions raised. I mean no disrespect against you.
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I just found 3 threads very quickly where resources are still being uploaded to threads via attachments.

You saw potential in a warez forum which caters towards a lot of people who haven't purchased XenForo more than likely and shares our resources we've spent time and money making?

Removing the RM doesn't fix that site and the threads I've glanced over quickly shows this forum isn't going to change. If you bought it for the ad revenue("potential") then I'm a little shocked by it.

If you wanted to support the Vietnam community I'd start a brand new site require token access from everyone and literally start fresh without nulled attachments all over the forum. You've simply removed the resources manager from the site I'm assuming but still resources are flooded throughout the entire forum and support questions coming from people who have more than likely not purchased any add-ons of XF for that matter.


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@Brogan it's my understanding from what I'm reading... he admitted to buying out the site "for the potential" so no denying it's not his site now.

Jake B.

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In the interests of full disclosure, could you also explain this?

Pirate site:
View attachment 96082

******* site:
View attachment 96084

I don't believe your custom portal has ever been released, has it?
Or this, the "Powered by XenForo" link leading to that site.*******.com/124/index.php


We know about the rules and we have sticked on it from the first day we stepped in this home.
See above.
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I hope the rumors aren't true. I've have had a good experience with *******. He's added all the features i've wanted to his Credits add-on and i am/was planning on getting him to make a video/custom add-on for me.

I always see him improving his add-ons. Although i think he does need to improve his customer service.
I was planning on buying some more of his add-ons. He has alot of add-ons and most of them are really good add-ons. I would hate to see him go.

But.. I hope the staff are able to look at his add-on codes and make sure there are no backdoors in his coding. As a non-coder, I sure wouldn't be able to know. And we need protection. Lately i have started to get worried about this from reading threads everywhere about him.

Not that it matters but.. I always knew from the ******* was from vietnam.
#1 His english.
#2 There was vietnamese customers on his site.
#3 His workers have vietnamese names.

I always thought it was pretty obvious.

To *******: Listen to your customers and Please keep making good add-ons!

and if the rumors are true... then i will have to say goodbye..

Jake B.

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Or this in every single one of your add-ons...

From library/*******/*******Helper/1000200/Installer.php:

From library/Waindigo/Install/20150107.php (and earlier versions of the same file):
Might want to fix your images, TAZ's image proxy has been messing up lately.

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You've simply removed the resources manager from the site I'm assuming but still resources are flooded throughout the entire forum and support questions coming from people who have more than likely not purchased any add-ons of XF for that matter.
Wonder if it was really removed or just rerouted and hidden from guest and certain user groups. Kind of ironic the developer that basically caused all the new add-on rules to go in effect from call backs is also involved in the largest xenforo null site. Makes you wonder if the polling of all other addons installed were used to see which were most popular to assure they always had the most popular nulled to attract visitors.
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