XF 2.0 Using images as prefixes


I'm looking to convert over from IPB4, to XF2.

One of the things we did with IP 4 was to replace the prefixes with images, something that was very easy.

Ive seen a couple of threads that explain how to do this with a little coding on XF1.5, but i'm struggling to use the same method.

Extra.css is what I can't seem to find in the default template. What has this changed to please?

Mr Lucky

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Cheers, it doesnt quite turn out how expected, any idea how to get rid of the text that overlaps the image?

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Do you mean lose the text altogether or just get it to not overlap?

To keep the text but without overlap


{content: url('/image.png');


To lose the text, I'm not sure.

A dirty workaround would be to enter a single character such as " | " and style it the same colour as the background.