XF 1.5 Using Google's Recaptcha Breaks Registration Page

I am trying to use Google's Recaptcha on my forum because we get a hell of a lot of spamming bots. The trouble is that when I tell the forum to use it, it breaks the signup page.

Basically you can access the signup form, fill it in and then complete the recaptcha, but when you hit submit it I get a "Can't reach this page" message in the browser and if I refresh I get the forum come up with this message "This action is available via POST only. Please press the back button and try again."

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this issue?



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You have a fairly customised site.

Does it also happen with add-ons disabled and in a completely default style with all custom JS removed?

Chris D

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I just tried to register and it seems like the connection is being reset as Chrome gives an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error.

That error will be happening before XF is invoked for that particular request. For example, it could be that PHP is crashing.

Unfortunately, this is going to be difficult to debug with the software itself, so you will need to be looking into the error logs for PHP, MySQL and the web server. Your host might be better placed to help you with this.
Unfortunately I am hosting this myself so there is no host provider to assist. I've taken a look from the Logs (PHP, MySQL, Apache) and, whilst I'm not expert, I can't see anything in them that is related to the problem my forum is experiencing.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!

Thank you for your help!


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Based on what Chris noticed, that is likely a PHP crash. What PHP version are you running? In PHP, are you running any opcode caches (such as APC), any debugging extensions (such as Xdebug) or any optimizer extensions?