XF 1.5 Users viewing and editing their own moderated or soft-deleted content?

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We get a lot of complaints about users not getting a chance to edit their posts before they're deleted by the mods. I imagine this is the purpose of the moderation queue, but it seems too simplistic (no alert, no conversation, no reason, etc). If that is the purpose of the Moderation Queue then I imagine custom development is required?

1. Is there any way for a user to view their moderated content?
2. Is there a way for us to send a user an alert or conversation when their content is moderated?

Ideally, here's what I'm trying to achieve:
  1. User posts inappropriate content.
  2. Mod soft-deletes/un-approves content.
  3. Mod starts conversation with user explaining.
  4. User edits inappropriate content from post.
  5. Mod un-deletes/approves content.

Using the soft-delete system might work for this. @Xon's Moderator Essentials allows users to view the soft-deleted placeholders, but doesn't provide a way for them to view or edit the content. Assigning them the permission to do so in XF would allow them to view/edit anyone's content. I think the Moderation Queue would be a better way to go.
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The moderation queue is really designed for pre-approval, not after the fact correction. Users can see their own moderated content, so you can use it for what you're suggesting, but the system probably won't facilitate it that well (communicating with staff what's going on, seeing when the edit has happened, etc).

Realistically, you may need a custom system to achieve this approach well. (Example: moderator flags content as requiring changes and it gets soft deleted/hidden in some way, user gets notification and opportunity to resolve -- this is the bit that would likely require development. It's then changed to moderated with a staff member can approve it.)
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