Lack of interest Per chance, edit effects or soft delete Warning?


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  • Member is out of control, and there is a "Moderate" Warning - any moderator can give that. It places the Member in moderation (Follow message moderation rules=Never). That lasts forever... because it could take an hour, or a year, before that person calms down.
  • Later the staff talks about it, and decides the member should no longer be moderated, and deletes the warning... which is the only way to un-moderate the posts again.
  • That leaves no trace to the incident that occurred.
Would it be possible to do something to address that (I assume common on forums) scenario?
  • Edit the warnings effects?
  • Soft delete the warning which would leave the original warning accessible?
  • Some other solution? I'm not picky..
  1. The only way to handle it with B3 (that I can think of) is while viewing a post where the Warning was given - view warning.
  2. Copy the moderator comments from that warning
  3. Delete warning
  4. Click on Warn again for the same post, and paste the contents of the old warning into a 'User Note' type of warning which does nothing and also lasts forever.
And I know my moderators well enough - they will not perform all 4 of those steps just to keep a record of what happened...


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Definitely similarities to the suggestions..

Perhaps the answer to both our problems would be the ability to add a 2nd warning for the same post?

For my purposes:
  • Member makes a post, moderator gives a warning for that post, the 'Warn' link on that post changes to 'View Warning'.
  • Moderator clicks on View Warning, then while viewing the warning clicks on 'give addition warning for same content' link, and I can make a 'user note' type Warning.
  • Then when the 1st warning is deleted so the persons posts are no longer moderated, the 2nd User Note warning remains forever.
I'll post the same suggestion in your thread. :)