XF 2.1 Users Permissions settings


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I have noted that opening the section in the acp "Users Permissions" all the options for every user, aren't set as they should be, but are shown all on the "no" option.

And also setting the permission from scratch for a single user in that section, the changes aren't read.
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Sorry Chris we where wroting in the same time so I didn't see also your message when I have answered to 021.

Scuse me but those setting shouldn't be shown with the values that the user just have setted in the User Group Permission that belong to that user?


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User permissions are inherited from the user groups they are members of.

You only set specific user level permissions if you want to override a user group permission.

You use the permissions analyser to determine the actual final permissions for a user.


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Yes Brogan, I have seen the guides that 021 have suggest me and now I understand better.
Just a tip. Don't you think that can be better in the User Permission section, when you make a check (to see or also to change the setting) to the permissions that have a particular user, the list show directly the values shown in the Permission Analyser, so that can be checked there and also changed if needed, all in the same page. Or is there a good reason because this 2 sections, Permission Analizer and Usergroup Permission are devided?