XF 1.4 Users Hitting "Reply" to Forum Notifications

Hello All,

I have an issue that could get out of hand ... hoping you all can help a newbie ...

XexForo sends out an email to registered users of the new forum post. Like this ...


The problem is that some of the recipients, being used to merely hit "reply" do a simple reply to the email and it merely goes to the address in the sent by ... "admin@domainname.com" ...

So, I get the reply and it never really reaches the intended recipient.

What is the recommendation you all to make sure that recipients cannot merely hit "reply" and have an email sent out from their email client ... they then thinking that it was sent to the intended recipient when in fact that person will never see it.




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Options -> Email Options

Unchecking it will remove any post content, so all they will receive is an email telling them there has been a reply.
Just to make it clear ... If i uncheck it, users will get a notification, but it will only be a notice with a link back to the forum. Their email will not contain s summary of the reply or the posting. I would really like to the users getting the full text of the message, but without ability to reply.

What if I changed the "Default Email Address" in ACP > Options > Email Options from a valid email to something like "noreply@domainname.com"

Would that screw up other things.

I really want to keep the message text in the outgoing emails, I just want to stop, or at least discourage, the users from hitting "reply"




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I doubt it would make much difference.

or is there a way to append some preface text that says ... "do not reply to this message, blah, blah ... "
That is actually already in the email:

I have my email address set to donotreply@... yet people still reply to conversations, which do have the message content included.
I think I worked a solution.

I set up the default email in XenForo to donotreply@mydomainname.com

I then went to the control panel at my hosting service and set an email of donotreply. My hosting service then has several options for each email account.

For that account, there is an option for Autoresponder ... I entered text in the autoresponder that will then be sent to sender. I put an explanation that they probably sent a reply to a notice sent by the forum and gave them instructions to go to the original notice and click the link to respond to that notice.

One more option on my web hosting service ... I set the option to auto delete incoming emails to the donotreply mailbox so it does not get full.

Tested this sequence and it works fine. Now I can keep the option in XenFore set to include full text.



I can keep the option in XenFore set to include full text
..just a thought or two for you on that. I always think doing that encourages users not to come back to a forum, as they know what was said to them without looking. A message saying they have a reply and inviting them to read it almost ensures they will visit the forum.

Another downside I keep seeing here on this system is that people send the odd outlandish/unpleasant or advertising message and I get a copy of it before the moderators have spotted it and deleted it.

Lastly, some SPAM posts may include links to malicious Web sites. I would feel uncomfortable emailing those to people.

Just some thoughts as I say, I hope they are helpful.


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...and, if the reply is either
- edited by its poster or
- edited by a moderator or
- (worse) the subject of more significant moderation for whatever reason
quoting it is the Email means the recipient has got the original text, containing the error or spam or swearing or whatever gave rise to the edit.......
whereas linking them back to your board means they get to see what's actually live.