XF 1.1 Users with 0 posts... due to forum not counting it..


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So I have an area called Applications...
In this area, the users posting threads do not get a post count for doing so... is there anyway to reverse this or change it and re-calculate?

My issue is, my forum has over 50k users... I have a strong feeling that 10-20k of that is spammers (those who DO NOT post but create an account and add a link in their profile to a spam website)

I'm trying to re-calculate teh actual good users and remove those who are spamming in their profile but not posting...
Right now when I try and send an email out, I select users who have more than 1 post and it states "15000" but I know for a 100% fact that the users who post applications have 1 post or more it just wasnt counted in the application's area.

Maybe there's a way I can remove users who have a certain spam link in their profile? I've seen a few and it's getting pretty bad.
Any thoughts?


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Switch post counts on in the node and rebuild the user information in ACP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches.

Should work.


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In your ACP, go to the Node Tree and check the box that states "Count messages posted in this forum toward user total".

Then go to Tools -> Rebuild Thread information and be sure to check the "Rebuild position and post counters" box.

I think that should do it. Anyone else agree/disagree?


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@Edrondol / @King Kovifor
I switched it and when going to rebuild - this did not recalculate one of the user's I was watching. When I attempt to send an email out to 1+ posts and their username - it says no users match the criteria.

Sending to all, still has the same amount
Number of users matching criteria:
15,705 (View full list)

So it currently did not work with rebuilding all cache or the specific one mentioned.

Count messages posted in this forum toward user total
If disabled, messages posted (directly) in this forum will not contribute towards the posting user's total messages count.

Is selected for the Applications section.
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