XF 1.5 forum notifications send fine from email, but not from 'contact us' link


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Not sure why this is the case but a test user sending a PM generates an email notification. Same user uses the contact form and no email shows from that. Any ideas? I'm behing htaccess at the moment for some dev, could that be an issue? Thanks


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If there are no errors logged in XF's control panel, that generally means the mail was handed off correctly, so any delivery issues would be outside of XF. This is where the underlying email logs would generally need to be checked (as they should show the response from the external SMTP server, for example).


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Contact Us tries to set the reply address in some way, this can sometimes blowup depending on mail servers (your receiving mail server, and the sender's domain settings).

I use a small add-on to dump Contact Us requests to a forum so they don't get lost.