Users getting scammed via Conversations


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That's a reason to use a 2.x version. It checks all the files for any changes from the original upload. Will it look for extras as well? Bet so.

Useless TBH. Any experienced script kiddie can easily defeat that.


It happened again yesterday. After they got in we did a google search and they also showed up as a new user on about 20 other forums. I think they rotate through sites as their accounts get deleted. I don't let new users use conversations so now they're posting a reply to the WTB posts for everyone to see. With the warning at the top of the classifieds forums most of the users look out for it now, but it still sucks.

This is over my head so I'm having my support guy help me with it. They posted through Tapatalk. Do you think they could be accessing it that way?

EDIT: I was told Tapatalk has issues so I'm removing it and see if that helps.
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