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XF 1.5 Users getting logged out


Well-known member
I know this is an issue that has been beaten to death but strangely my users, especially those on firefox are complaining they get logged out. It appears often it happens after clicking the post submit button. what are some thing to consider?


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Hmmm all those should be fine. Perhaps my cache is getting full? I just use the PHP6 built in cache. Here is what one member told me. Seems all users have the problem with FF.

I’m using Firefox 37.0.2 and I experience the same problem.

1) It never happens spontaneously, only when I click something.
2) It doesn’t seem to matter what I do. Clicking anything to navigate to a new forum or read a post, I suddenly get the guest user interface. (Login or sign-up...)
3) When that happens, if I click the browser back button, I get back to the previous page and I’m still logged in. I can read alerts, etc as usual but navigating to any other page returns me to the guest user interface.
4) When I suddenly find myself logged out, I find that my username continues to appear in the list of logged-in users. If I click on it it says “XXX was last seen 3 minutes ago....”


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I've just had a look. Memcached is full from the looks of it. Currently using 1GB. I've increased the limit to 2GB and restarted Memcached for you.