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Fixed Users dont get notification when their thread is merged


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Thread A is subscribed by users a,b,c
Thread B is subscribed by users x,y,z

If I merge both threads to Thread A, from my understanding only users a,b,c are still subscribers.
Subscribers x,y,z are removed as subscribers from deleted Thread B and not added as subscribers to Thread A

Solution: XenForo_Model_Thread::mergeThreads() can be modified to fetch subscribers from both threads and then add the missing ones from the deleted threads to the destination thread.

From my question http://xenforo.com/community/threads/whos-getting-alerts-with-merged-threads.57650/


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No. Fundamentally they are different notices and relate to different functionality.
It caught us out once with an announcement.

It's a tricky issue. It's similar in concept to things that come up when merging threads, and I think we have that tagged as a future fix so I'm going to do the same here. The changes that I think are necessary are likely too substantial for an RC stage.

I think we'd need to do different calculations to determine who to notify than we normally do to prevent duplicate or unnecessary notify. Or maybe, we'd just need to create a whole new alert/email that explicitly said the thread was moved to a forum you watch.


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I'm surprised this didn't come up before...

Thread watch records are now moved from the merge sources to the merge target if possible (basically if you're not watching the target already).