Users Can't Upload an Avatar

Kenneth Holland

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Hi Everyone,

I have 2 users (so far) who can't change their avatar.

The users bring up the Avatar popup, then select their photo, and instead of changing the pic the box just disappears. They both have Macs. I've tried it on a couple of PCs with no issues.

Can anyone help?

Thanks. :)


Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Does someone got the answer? I also have this problem on my forum, only a few part of my members can't upload avatar, no error logs, ...
If your current avatar is any indicator, it may well be a problem with the image you are uploading. Is your avatar supposed to be just a black box?


It's not here, this avatar is a 1px by 1px black image if you want to know. The thing is that some of my users on my forum receive errors while trying to upload avatar.
I tried to put unlimited size of upload avatar, but some of my users still facing the problem...

Tracy Perry

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One other thing I just thought of... the ealier poster said Mac... try disabling the Flash uploader in the ACP and see if that helps if your users are on a Mac (or even if they are not).
ACP -> Options -> Attachments