XF 1.4 Users can ignore administrative/moderator usergroups

My users can ignore other users who are in the administrative or moderator usergroups and I have no idea how such a change was made. As far as I'm aware, default Xenforo behavior is that users in the administrative and moderator usergroups should not be ignorable.

Has anybody else come across this issue?

Is there a template or file I can view where the usergroup check is done to see if an unwanted modification was made?

Thank you!


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Ensure they are set as staff.

Do you mean "Display user as staff"?

Also, is there a way to prevent ignored people from viewing your profile, posting on your profile, etc?


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I understand it's designed to ignore and I never said anything about delete their existence LOL

But surely if someone is ignoring a user, then the ignored user shouldn't even be able to view the ignorer's profile?

People may want to be publicly visible to everyone apart from certain members, but the only option are allow everyone OR just people you follow. If I'm ignoring someone, then I don't want them commenting on my profile posts, it's pointless if I can't see it myself, especially on my profile posts, if people are commenting on something I said on my profile, then my ignored user joins in and can't see it, the conversation won't make sense to me, so I'll have to view the ignored content of person that I don't even want posting on my profile, so ignoring someone and still allowing them to post on your profile makes the that part of the feature pointless, surely it's better to prevent them commenting on your profile in the first place?

Are there any conditionals that I can use? eg, if is="{$visitor.is_ignored}" or something like that so I can hide/show the content/areas that I want?