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I'll try to explain...

In VB4 I have two moderators, one "superuser" with all privileges (for administrative task that require it) (lets call it superdiego222) and the user I use for everyday post (a "small" admin) (lets call it diego222).


When I install Xenforo, before make the import from VB, I think I have to create an user, right? but... what user? superdiego222/diego222 with the same passwords or a new username (lets call it xendiego222) and after import I keep using superdiego222 for administrative tasks and diego222 for everyday use (and delete xendiego222)?

........ I don't remember what I did some years ago when imported from phpbb to vb4...
You have a choice.

You can either create a new separate administrator account, or you can create an account with the same credentials and merge them when you do the import.
mmm, ok, I won't complicate the things and I'll make a separate administrator account (3 administrators then). But, in that case. what privileges would have this new administrator? the same as diego222 (normal administrator) or the same as superdiego222 (the "God" administrator)? (sorry, I can't explain better).
You can make any user an administrator or super administrator,it is entirely up to you.

You can also demote existing administrators and even delete the accounts, should you wish to do so.

Super administrators are set in the config.php file - see the FAQ in my signature for details.
I don't use (yet) xenforo and I already like it. It seems more easy.

In VB with my moderator/administrator I can do "everything" (moderator tasks, create forums, delete forums, change forum options in ACP etc...) but when I want to do some "special" things like rebuild sitemap manually (for example) I have to switch to "God administrator " (created when I installed VB). With Xenforo all those things seems less complicated
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