XF 1.2 Usernames cut off in Thread Avatar Block

I am having an issue where the username that displays in the little avatar block to the left of a thread post/reply gets cut off because it stretches beyond the block itself. I assume all I need to do is find the relevant place in my styles settings and tell it to wrap just the text after a certain pixel count.

This is what the issue looks like:

The user's name is WanderingSketchPad. As you can see, a portion of it is cut off before wrapping properly.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure the issue has to be resolved in my group styling. This is the relevant group styling:


I think (emphasis on think) that the change needs to be made somewhere here:


... but I'm neither sure if that's the correct place to make adjustments, nor do I know what to actually put there. I would really appreciate help for this! :)
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Okay I looked into it, and I wouldn't want to increase the width to the size I would need to accomodate the long username. I'd rather fix the issue of how far the text is allowed to go before wrapping.