XF 1.2 Username tag link not working


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I just upgraded my forum to v1.2 today and a user spotted that the @<username> links aren't working.

See http://www.redcafe.net/threads/please-read-upgrade-to-xenforo-v1-2.382815/page-2#post-14891267

Clicking the @Hectic link results in a 404 (see Javascript console). The URL of the link is http://www.redcafe.net/members/20801/ where I would have expected it to be http://www.redcafe.net/members/hectic.20801/ which is the format used everywhere else on the site.

Did I miss something during the upgrade?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Spot on Mike, that was it, thanks.

I had forgotten I had that redirect in place for old vBulletin member URLs. I've removed it as I'm sure search engines have updated their indexes by now.