XF 1.5 Username color issue

Wildcat Media

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Here's a strange one.

I cleaned up my usergroups to a bare minimum. Registered has a styling priority of 100. I have a couple others in between, but Moderating is set to a priority of 1000.

The banner I have for Moderating displays correctly, but on one moderator, assigned the exact same usergroup as our other moderators (and also displayed as "staff"), still has a username in the default color, not the green/oblique style as the others. Primary usergroup is Registered, secondary is Moderating. No others are selected. They are also both assigned as "Moderators" (aside from selecting the usergroup).

Inspecting the username, the CSS element .username .style4 (if I'm not mistaken) is being applied to the other moderators but not this one.

Switched back to the bone stock default theme, no change. And I run minimal add-ons. Although I don't see why one member with the same usergroups should be any different from another.

Where to look next?

Wildcat Media

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That might have done it--I ran the user cache rebuild just after posting here, left for a couple of hours, and now my last guy is green, bold and oblique (no, he's not Shrek) like the rest of the staff.

The really odd thing is that he was the only one assigned to the Moderating group, and had the green originally. All the others were in a primary group called Moderators which converted over from vB. I moved them to Moderating, they all got the green, but the one moderator lost the green styling.

Glad it's all sorted for now. Thanks @Mike!