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Strange issue and was hoping someone might have some insights...

Through the use of a custom user field, and usergroup promotions, I've given my users the ability to change their username display color/banner color. Everything seems to be working fine except for one user. (if others are having the problem, they haven't said anything).

This user makes the selection in the custom user field. The cron job runs and the user promotion manager says that the promotion was made, but the user never gets put into the secondary usergroup that will give her the color that she chose.

Any ideas? I tested it with another account and it changed everytime the user was promoted into a different secondary group after the cron job ran.

Have you ever had any other system that used this user group for a programmatic change? Have you manually removed the user from this group at any time? The system may have that stuck for the user. You can verify this by running this query and posting the results:
SELECT * FROM xf_user_group_change WHERE user_id = 123;
You'll need to change the 123 to the actual user ID of that user.
The usergroups are actually new since I migrated to XF from VB. The user is a member of two "paid" usergroups. When you're a member of those paid usergroups, you can choose from 5 "display usergroups" through a custom field & criteria that based on what you choose promotes you to the appropriate usergroup so that your username display color/banner color changes. I have manually removed her from groups and changed them manually during my troubleshooting of her problem. At no point does her choice ever remove or add her to a different group even though the promotion is saying that it has been run.

here are the results:

Are any of the group IDs listed the ID of the group you're having problems with? (Is it group 39?)

If so, that would imply that the user was already supposed to be in the group (via the user upgrade) and that they were manually removed, which means it won't be programmatic reapplied again.
39 is the "color group" that she currently has selected
17 is a totally different user group that is joinable
40,33,41,42 are the other 4 "color group" that she should be able to choose from

How can I fix this so that when the user changes her color choice, the promotion will remove her from whatever group she had and put her in whatever group she chose?
I got things mixed up before. When I was on VB, I had 5 user groups for the colors, depending on which user upgrade a person purchased, you would be added to either 2 or 5 additional groups, which the users could then choose their "Display Group" To make things easier for the criteria, I made 2 new user groups One that if you're a member, the user promotion will run if you choose from 2 color groups and one that if you're a member, the promotion will run if you choose from any of the 5.

Does that help any?
Sorry, I lost this thread somewhere.

It's the user upgrade that's the problem. Since it was configured to give every group, it looks like you manually removed the user from the group, so it won't be added programmatically. It sounds like you're not using that any longer. If so, you can try cancelling that upgrade for the user (via the tools in the ACP, not group manipulation). At this point, if you manually put them back in group 39, it should toggle as expected based on what she chooses.
Not a problem it happens. :) I think I figured it out. It was a problem with switching the groups from the paid upgrade.

When I was on VB the paid upgrades either put you in 33 & 39 or 33,39,40,41,42
When I migrated to XF, I had to do things differently since you guys don't have "display usergroup" functionality.
I created usergroups 45 & 46 with a custom field that allows you to pick a color and a promotion that only runs being if you are in 45 or 46 and have a color chosen.

When I did that, I manually removed everyone who was a member of 33,39,40,41,42 and put them in either 45 or 46.

I think the paid subscriptions caused the promotions to think that the users were still members of 33,39,40,41,42.

I manually downgraded and then reupgraded the users so that the paid subscription knew that they were now in 45 & 46.

The users that were working were the ones that bought the paid subscriptions after the migration to XF.
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