Fixed Usergroup Promotion Cron Running Out of Memory


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I was hoping this would be addressed in 1.1.4, but the updates overwrote the fixes/files in this thread and both trophy and user group promotion crons stopped working again. Running them manually from the ACP vs. waiting for cron fails too.

Update: I used the same fixes/files in the thread. Ran it from the ACP. Seems to be working.


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I think 1.2 will be very long to wait. For productive use you need at least a release candidate so it will be a very long time ;)

For me the next update release is better


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@Jake This just saved my life after a complete overhaul of permissions (thanks for advice @Brogan)
It correctly moved all users > 5 posts into a new group. Regular cron wasnt cutting it but this worked fine on 1.3

Had to remove the activity clause, but otherwise fine :D