XF 1.5 user_id editing


I need to streamline the user_id in wordpress with the same users in xenforo.
I have alot of plugins in wordpress, so it is not easy to change the ID in wordpress
Nor is it easy in X
I noticed when I changed my latest userid in phpmyadmin to 1000 (instead of 13)
and I create a new user, then that user will still get ID = 14
eventhough user_id is autoincrement

So I guess the latest used userid (13) is stored somewhere...
Can you give me a clue where ... ?


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We'd never recommend changing a user_id, but it's not stored anywhere. The value comes from MySQL's auto increment value. If that's giving you 14, then that should indicate there isn't a value above 13 in that table.


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Are you changing the xf_user table? If not, xf_user is what assigns IDs. If so, you may need to check MySQL's auto increment value as we don't pick an ID; we just accept what MySQL gives us.


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You need to change the Auto_increment value.... it's easiest to do from MyPHPadmin.

Click table xf_users
Click Operations (in top right)

Make database backup or test it on a junk db first.