XF 2.1 User Upgrades with Stripe payment processor not being automatically upgraded


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I have developed a problem where when a user purchases an account upgrade using Stripe as the payment processor, they are not automatically upgraded.
Instead the user receives the following message via the XF forums software...

Thank you for purchasing this upgrade.

When the payment has been approved, your account will be upgraded.

This then requires manual upgrading. Stripe appears to be processing the payment correctly as I have tested it myself and no issues are within the Stripe dashboard. And until recently it all ran smoothly and upgrades were automatically added once payment was made.

I'm also using Paypal as a payment provider and this works fine with no issues.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated

xf v2.1.4
No recent addons added or changes made
this happens also with paypal, there are several open threads about this.
It happens since the last update, but no xenforo developer has spoken with this.
Before it didn't happen, after updating the forum version everything has been problems with this.
How do we fix this? It's hopeless.

They buy a subscription, the user is not added to the forum, only the payment appears in PayPal.

The user does not have the benefits automatically, nor does it appear in active subscriptions.

nobody of the Staff of Xenforo pronounces on this problem.
There are several open threads without solution about this
As noted above, this has happened to me with both Stripe and PayPal. Both blame the software platform we're all using, XenForo.

So far, the only input I've received from XF was a response to a ticket I opened several months ago. They are/were working on it, but nothing further.
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