XF 1.0 User upgrade problem - User was upgraded without purchasing an upgrade


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I have a user upgrade present on my forum for people that donate a monthly amount to the website. This adds them to a secondary usergroup that simply changes the font size/weight/color of their username, and adds a title noting that they donate to the website.

Today, there is a user on my forum with the upgrade formatting applied to his username and title, but he never actually did the account upgrade.
  • I've checked 'list active upgrades' in the admin panel and he isn't there.
  • I have gone into his profile, and he is not in the usergroup that would get him that username formatting.
  • His profile has no entries in it for 'custom title'
  • Paypal shows no transactions
Pretty much, he has this formatting applied to his name, and I have no idea how it got there and can't see where it is coming from.
Any ideas/suggestions?


Check his usergroup, does he have permission to set a custom user title?
Check the admin log, see if another admin updated his profile.
Check the raw server log,

cat access_log |grep "his_ip_here" > userx_check.log


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None of those point to anything useful. There are only 2 admins on this board, and my IP is the only one that I saw that accessed his profile page in the server logs.


Great, then that stuff can all be excluded and clearly something else is going on. I can't think of anything right now as I am about to pass out from sleep deprivation/ I hope you figure it out and that this isn't a potentially serious bug in xenforo (though i still doubt that at this point).


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The user name and title styling must be coming from somewhere.

Are you sure you're looking at the correct user?


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Yes, it is the correct user. I don't feel like I'm in a questionable state of mind, though that could be just me.

Brogan: Can I message you with credentials to take a look yourself, if that is permitted?