XF 2.2 User upgrade not showing in ACP active or expired

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We have one user who has had a monthly subscription for many many years. Last sub came in on Oct 28 so we presume it is not cancelled especially as he is still in the usergroup which the upgrade promotes him to.

However the username is not showing in Active upgrades (nor in expired)

There a couple of strange things.

When looking in the upgrade list, the filter does not find his username for either active or expired. However the normal user serach filter finds his name perfectly.

However it does seem his user ID appears in the database table for expired users.
Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 10.31.44.png

So a couple of mysteries:

  • Surely even if he cancelled since the October payment, his upgrade would not yet be expired.
  • Even so, if it is showing in database as expired why not in the ACP under expired upgrades and no longer appears in the filter?

He has not been active on the forum for a few months so we cannot get in touch.
I have just checked with Paypal IPN history and an IPN was sent for the last payment on Oct 28 so it is a real mystery to me. Have also rebuilt user and usergroup promotion cache.

If nobody here can help I suppose I shall send a ticket, just wanted to avoid wasting the team's time in case it's something basic I have overlooked.
If he had changed his e-mail address could that cause this kind of malfunction?
Or if the payment address is no longer the same as the one registered for his account?
He hasn’t changed email address.

Yes his PayPal email is different to account, but has been like that for years.

Is also like that for many members, I do not believe it should cause any issues as it is very common to do that.
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