XF 1.5 User undo edits



A user of my community edited all threads / posts content to only display a smiley.

Can I undo all of these changes?


Thanks, this is what I did Brogan.

According to his profile data he has changed all postings during the last 2-3 weeks.

However the original postings are still not active again. The original postings are saved, cause I can still view them in the history.

Any hints again?

2nd Q:

Is there a possibility to auto refresch the "undo changes screen" cause it starts crashing after some time.

I am online with 100 MBits and the forum is hosted on a well optimized shared server so the speed shouldn't be an issue here.


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If you aren't able to use the revert option in the ACP, you may need to manually revert each post via the inline option when clicking the History link.


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Are you sure you included the edits in the date range for the revert? If in doubt, you may want to go back a bit further to be sure they're covered.

You mentioned that the undo changes screen started crashing. That may be your issue. I'm not sure what "crashing" means in this context.