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User Titles based on post count only


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Im looking for a user titles based on post count mod.

I know xenforo has the trophy system, but it has a few downsides if you want to reward user titles based only on post count.

1) You have to input all your user titles/counts twice
2) You cant reward trophies for any other purpose as they are tied up with post count

Just looking for something simple that allows you to enter the title and then the amount of posts required.

Something similar to waht IPB/VB has -


I have suggested this in the xenforo suggestions area, but the more I think about it, it seems unlikely xenforo would implement something like this when they have the trophy system - but hopefully you can see the few problems if you want to use both systems.

BRAINWAVE! - Being able to alter the current "Trophy Titles" so instead of saying "Minimum Points" it could be "Minimum Posts" - And then rewarding the title for the amount of posts and not points - Making it then seperate to the trophy system!

Hopefully other members will need this as well (y)