Fixed User Taggings Don't Work When a Symbol Comes before the Tag


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Example: He said, "@Amaury bought me ice-cream today; it was really yummy."

If the same thing that Mike said from a similar thread of mine a while ago applies here as well, though, then please move this accordingly:

Conceptually, this requires determining what is (likely) the end of a username given an entirely arbitrary set of input. @Mike111 shouldn't tag Mike, just like an shouldn't tag a user named "example" or "".

Some of the examples in the linked thread could go either way, though some should definitely be part of the username (underscore in particular). You'll see that most of the ones that work as expected are completely normal grammatical constructs. Square brackets are also a special case because of BB code.

As such, overall, I would say this is as designed, though it's possible there could be a couple tweaks in a few specific cases.