XF 1.2 User Promotions

Hi there,

Unfortunately, I'm having problems with User Promotions similar to that raised here, here and here.

I would like new accounts to have their first five posts moderated, prior to then being validated to post without moderation.

So, I followed this here (User Group Promotions) to do just that but unfortunately, members are having their posts sit in a moderating queue after they've had 5 messages approved.

I don't think I've set it up wrong but to rule out human error;


I have waited for the Cron to run, I then ran it manually and logged in (understand a user is required to login before a promotion takes effect) but no joy - members are still having their posts moderated.

I saw this post by @Brogan but I don't have an Akismet key.

Any help really would be welcome


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You have used Never for the Registered group.
Never can't be overridden.

As the manual page states:
The first step is to configure the Registered user group with the base permissions all members will have. As we want all members to be pre-moderated initially, then the permission Follow message moderation rules must be set to Not Set (No).
The next step is to create a new user group, which we will call Verified Member, and in that group we set the Follow message moderation rules permission to Allow, while all other permissions stay at Not Set (No).
See this for help with setting up permissions: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/implementing-permissions-across-multiple-user-groups.358/