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Add-on User Promotion

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by MasonK, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. MasonK

    MasonK Active Member

    Anyone know an add on that works with the user title ladder to promote users to a certain user group? Or an add on that promotes users to a certain user group when they have a certain amount of posts?
  2. The Dark Wizard

    The Dark Wizard Well-Known Member

    Can't this already be done with promotions?
  3. MasonK

    MasonK Active Member

    Sorry, I am still getting a hang on using Xenforo. So there is already a promotion system built into Xenforo?
  4. Optic

    Optic Well-Known Member

    User Group Promotions | XenForo

    Can definitely do promotions based on message count. I prefer the user title ladder though as I have no need for distinct member groups (yet).
  5. MasonK

    MasonK Active Member

    Thank you very much for directing me to the right place :)

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