XF 1.4 User promotion question

Iam a bit confused what iam doing wrong
goal is : when user registering and choosing : Female : it should put user to specific group as criteria meet (witch is )
User Profile and Options:
  • User is the following gender: female

But when user registering and choosing Female gander , confirming account . Promotion not trigering and user didn not put in specific usergroup and sating in Registered user group
PLz help
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Jon W

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User group promotions are checked after a user logs in and they haven't been active for 30 minutes. Other than that, you have to wait for a cron entry to run.

Might be worth making a suggestion to the XenForo devs for this check to be done when a user registers. It may be an oversight as a user's last activity is set to the current time when they register.
Ok i see. So promotions applies for Secondary User Groups as i understood , and promotion not triggered on registration ? how do trigger promotion on registration ? or what cron responsible for it ?