XF 1.4 User post count wrong or is it? Wider issue?


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Had this flaggged up to me for one user but I guess it could be a wider issue affecting more members.

Use has a post count of 66. Via their profile or search (ES) they have 2 threads & 20 posts so post count should read as 20.

He has a total of 5 threads - 4 imported & 1 post-import. Imported threads are verified as existing (by following redirects on his post list on old forum).
He has a total of 53 posts - 44 imported & 9 post-import posts. Imported posts are verified as existing as above.

Why is his post count showing 66 when it should be 53?
Why are 3 threads & 33 posts not showing via their profile or search?

Not sure if this is an isolated case or wider spread?

Will this archived query fix it or is there something else I need to do?

Recalculate and update all user post counts (query)



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I've just run the query on our test site - earlier clone of the forum. All it did was align the post count to the posts that are viewable via search or profile. So on the live site the postcount would drop from 66 to 20 & the posts being ignored by the post count would continue to be ignored.


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If that query sets the post count to 20, that's based on what's actually in the database, so that would be the correct count (though that query doesn't handle forums that don't count posts within). Note that posts that are deleted or in deleted threads don't count and won't be in the search index.

It's worth pointing out that when we import, we generally just import the message count as is from the source, so it may have been incorrect there.


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I still have access to the old forum & his post count is accurate there. The thing is the posts that don't show in a search of his threads or content are actually on the forum. His post count just isn't including them.


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Thought that might be the Eureka solution but just checked & the forums the uncounted posts are in are ticked to count the users messages.