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XF 1.1 User Permissions not updating correctly


I am having an issue where my user permissions do not affect users in the proper way. I have a user group called Registered which has the standard settings I want users to have. This group works fine. I then have five different product groups and an expired user group. The five product groups are all set up exactly the same as the Registered category and the expired group has no permissions. When I move my users over from the registered group into their product groups all permissions disappear even though they are set the same as registered, they can't view anything.

Another note: I am using aMember to sync the XenForo database with aMember which is properly adding users to their product categories as set in aMember, though those groups are not receiving permissions correctly as I explained above. One work around I found was to add users to the secondary group of Registered, which works, but I can't do that manually for 1000+ users.

Also I have done some testing at an earlier time where the default group was the expired user group. All users had no permissions, however I was going to change this user group to be the same as Registered for a time while setting up aMember and when I made the change, after syncing the XF DB from in aMember they still did not have proper permissions.

I would love to get a solution to this.


Version Info: XenForo v1.1.0
aMember v4.1.10
There is no use of the Never permission in any of my user setups. I took a look at the thread you linked before posting as well and I couldn't find an answer there that fit my issue. I will take another look and would appreciate hearing any other ideas. To note as well, all my nodes are private and I have tested both with setting Allow permissions in the node for users groups as well as inherit.