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Hope to see more criteria for tasks added.. :)

Most/all of these have been suggested already, but a little bump can't hurt - hopefully!
  • Completion of "About you" field (user)
  • Reacted to a post (user)
  • Ability to specify completion of A or B or C custom field(s) (admin)


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For my personal need, i would like to have these steps also:
  • User has created a thread in a particular forum depending on his usergroup.
  • User has replied to a thread at all
  • User has replied to a specific thread also depending on this usergroup
  • User has to like a thread in a specific forum depending on usergroup
  • User has to write a profile message
How can i come to this result, please?
Buy your addon and find a coder who extends it?
May you could do this?


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Anyone has written a condition to check if a user is a member of a certain user group?

Still wondering if this is already possible or planned to be implemented. I really need this at the moment. Need to know if I have to hire a coder to include this. Thank you.

I bought this one a few days ago but I have a few questions:
1. Is it possible to change the color in the widget list to green for every row they have completed? If
so, how?

2. Can I somehow add a verified statement below their avatar inside posts/threads? That way others see that a user
is completely verified.

3. And how does the linkedin verification work? Can I verify their linkedin profile?

Thanks a lot.


I like this addon very much. But I want to ask if you could add two features:
1. Let the color become green once one a task has been completed (This will increase the likelyhood that they will finish)
2. Give users a green 1619438062319.png including verified below their avatar when they are verified.

I hope this gets added. Then the addon will improve a lot.



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Only works for custom user fields but adding support for the location field would be a nice addition.
Only bumping this up as a reminder, to have the core fields covered ;)

With the amount of addons out there, have you thought about providing an option or a "How-to"-guide in regards to adding custom tasks and conditionals, @NixFifty ? That way people wouldn´t have to nag you all the time for an implementation of task x,y and z. Don´t know if this could be feasible though.