User Onboarding

User Onboarding 2.0.3

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Great addon for boosting community interaction during the "new member" phase. Incentivise them to post introductions, add avatar and other things to get their involvement going in the forum.
Thank you very much for this excellent add-on. It is helping us to expand our community and bringing users more features which isn't implemented in core system.
This is a key add-on for anyone who had a community where you have have functionality that is not core to XenForo, but you need to bring it to your members attention. It is very simple to setup, and very intuitive for members.

It is currently lacking (12/21/2020) a lot of criteria, but NixFifty has shown a willingness to add additional options, and is willing to discuss suggestions brought up by customers.

It is also not difficult to add your own criteria, as I have had done with one of my custom addons.
This has been an INSTANT hit on our new community and it is just the (hate to say it) hand holding users need to post that first introduction post, upload their avatar and get the ball rolling on instant engagement and site content. Love it.... this IS a must must must have add on for any community.
This has proven to be a very useful add-on for my community - particularly with regards to improving avatar usage. Thanks a bunch.
Working exactly as expected so far, seems to be a good way of getting users to participate in the site (in particular by having a task to create a new thread). 👍
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