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I need an add-on that would implement a system of user notes for all forum members. The aim of the system is to let users to keep a short custom note about any other user. The best implementation of this system that I know of is in the LiveJournal social network engine. vBulletin has a sort of user notes system but it is not very comfortable in use. The one I need should be simple and easy to use - 1 or 2 clicks to set/change the note for a user, see the current note on hover.

Please let me know how much would it cost and how long will it take. I prefer to pay via Skrill, but can also pay via PayPal.


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As I understand, that's a different thing. The notepad add-on is used to store general notes (like snippets). What I need is the ability for users to attach notes to other users. E.g. I know that Mary is a troll, and Bob is a helpful coder, but I tend to forget it because there are thousands active users, so I can just add a note to Mary: "Annoying troll", and to Bob: "Nice coder". Only I will see those notes, they will be invisible to Mary, Bob, and other users. Each users would be able to store their own notes about any other user.


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We too need something like this, where users can make notes about other users, only visible to the author and admins.
@enivid is this what you mean?

@ForumCube will you be releasing this as I am interested too?


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I might have memory issues but there's a XF development tutorial going step by step on how to make this, and the add-on being sold for $12 looks exactly like that one. Even if it isn't, why not just follow that tut (I think he put a compiled version at the end).