As designed @ User mention autocomplete doesn't work with brackets

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We have a new user (account created about 30 hours ago) whose name is "[KW]White Lion", and who was active for about an hour or so after creating his account.

When trying to mention him by typing @ followed by starting to type his name, autocomplete never suggests any user names. It seems to be the bracket at the start of his name.

I then checked for other users with brackets in their names who have been active recently and feel that I've confirmed it. Two other users who have names starting with brackets likewise don't have @ autocomplete suggest anything. However, a user with a bracket towards the end of his name has autocomplete work fine, even if you keep typing his name up to and including the bracket; it still shows the autocomplete suggestion.

Further quick testing shows that not only does autocomplete not work, even if you type the full mention out ("@[KW]White Lion" in this case), that doesn't work. "[USER=ID][/USER]" profile linking does work using his user ID, but AFAIK that doesn't actually work as a mention, does it?
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That is going to be as designed,


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Yes, this is currently known/expected, as the square brackets create ambiguity with actual BB codes and we don't want to match across those boundaries so we stop the search when we encounter certain characters.