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Not a bug User login without approval

in our forum FandR.club/members must get approved by admin to login.
They must write some fields like name, birthday etc and the administrator must make them valid, manually.
Yesterday someone login without complete the login form. He just wrote his nickname and email
and today i found him VALID and MEMBER.
Is this a bug ?
Thank you


XenForo developer
Staff member
The fact that they didn't complete various required fields makes my reasonably certain that the registration didn't come through XenForo itself. Looking at your site, it looks like you have Tapatalk installed. I'd suggest that it's very likely the user registered through that as I feel like I've heard similar comments in the past. Can you confirm that?
Thank you for your answer. As i saw in Tapatalk options, the "Automatically Approve Verified Tapatalk Members" was checked. Do you think
this was the problem ?


XenForo developer
Staff member
Seems likely, but you will need to contact them if you have any questions regarding this app/integration.