User List in Admin: Sorting, Checkboxes, Display, Fields, etc.


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One frustrating thing about vBulletin was that there were no ways to sort data on very long lists in the Admin. Like the user list, for example - i see XenForo also just lists the usernames, but its almost completely useless to have this list. Its pretty much the same as just searching, because you can't do anything with the list at all. It has no additional columns other than username.

You can't sort by join date. Sort by message count. Sort by other data. So if you have 60,000 users like we do, I look at this User page and feel like there is nothing I can do with it. I only see the first 30 or so usernames, which is apparently being sorted by alphabetic, and there are another *five thousand* pages of usernames after that.

Likewise on vBulletin (and I guess XenForo) there are no "mass operation" options. There are individual "X" to manually, one by one, delete a user, or take certain actions. Long lists like these need checkboxes and "select alls" and "Show 25, 100, 500, 1000, 5000" and other long list features that are common. Otherwise this list truly is of no use.

I'd like to put in my request to make long lists like this in the admin, usable and helpful. Sortable. Mass-quantity actions, checkboxes, different views, etc. As an Admin we need this, especially for user accounts.

My current issue: We just migrated and enabled XenForo and I have nearly 800 spam accounts registered already. I wanted to view the user list and sort by "Date Registered", then simply "Check all" for each entire page, until I had deleted the last 800 registrants.

I can't.
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EDIT: I see in the "search users" area I can define a registration date To / From.

Still think the "flat list" userlist could have checkboxes, select all, show more usernames per page, up to 500 or more, sortability by other data criteria, etc to be more useful.

Thanks for hearing me out!


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There are various suggestions here, several of which exist already. For example, there are different sorting options specifiable when you do a search. Similarly, you can choose the "show all matches" option which will give you batch update check boxes (or you can go directly into the batch update section and filter down from there).

On that basis, I'm going to move this to closed suggestions. If you still have individual/specific suggestions, then please make those suggestions again (one per thread so they can be reasonably tracked).