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User Ignore Limit 2.3.0

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User Ignore Limit - Limit the number of users a user can ignore

Enforces per-user group limits on for how long an ignored user list is permitted to be.

Disable User Ignore feature permits the ignore feature to be completely disabled for a usergroup.

New Permission
  • User Ignore Limit (default for registered users: -1)
  • Disable User Ignore feature


I recommend using Add-on install & upgrade to install this addon...

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I have two users who want to not just ignore each other but block them completely (like FB allows). Their ongoing squabble is now over 3 years old...I finally convinced both of them to NOT peek! But a block would be SO much easier for those two.
This add-on just enforces limit on the number of people a user can ignore. It doesn't force someone to ignore someone else
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