XF 1.3 User Group Promotions Help

I have a gaming forum and users get promoted with activity using the credit premium addon.

I'm having issues with The promotions being done when users have not meet the criteria just wanting to know if I'm doing things right and understand the system properly

This is my one of my promotions page 1


Page 2


Here is one users details

This user has 2305 points which is currently ranked Sergeant 1 Star but the issue I'm having is he is being given upgrades well above the points he has earned and even skipping over upgrades when the upgrade. only applies if your in the rank previous rank. he had been given upgrades skipping entire ranks.

My setup is if you are a Staff Sergeant and you have over 2875 points you get a user group promotion to Staff Sergeant 1 Star

Can some one please firstly verify my logic is correct and secondly offer some advice on how I could work out what is causing some issues I tried to edit the user group promotion cron php file to dump some variables but didn't really help me.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
"Upgrade points" must be from an addon because that is not one of the default criteria. I am guessing that criteria check is failing. Ideally you should contact the author of that addon.
Thanks for your response Jake but the other criteria is also to make sure they only belong to the previous user group only but the promotions are jumping all over the place. will change points over to trophy points and check the outcome was wanting to lnow if my logic on how the promotion system works was correct as well.