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User Group Ids


Active member
Hi Everyone,

New to Xenforo but loving it.

I am about to create several new groups in the forum. I also want to link this with User Rank Ribbons(which I think is a great addon) but I am finding difficulties of finding what the User Group ID for each group I create.

If I create a new group it places them in alphabetical order in the List User Group Menu - I assume it increments the ID and my new group would have an ID of 5, then 6 etc.. The 5th new group would be displayed out of order according to IDs (in alpha). If I created several groups this would be hard to manage. I know I can get around this by using a naming convention like:

05 - "New Group 1"
06 - "New Group 2"

My question is: Is there some menu or display that shows you the User Group IDs anywhere?

Thanks in advance!