User group customisation

I've just got a couple of questions in regards to user groups. I've created some user groups and have made some user title changes and wanted to confirm whether they are right or not as I am unsure whether it is displaying correctly on my forum.

Firstly, I've created a group called 'Customers' and would like there to be a user title called '+ Customer' (with the plus sign included). Is this the right code to use in the field:
<span style="color: #E9AB17">+</span> Customer
For another group I've created named 'Donators', would this be the right way to go about adding an image in front of the user title:
background: transparent url('images/money.png') no-repeat; padding-left: 20 px; Donator

I hope to hear back from you as soon as possible. Hopefully I haven't asked too many silly questions...
That's the page I used to implement the customisations to begin with. I just wanted to confirm as I'm used to IP.Board showing the changes live on the User Groups page in the administrator control panel, however there is no way of knowing whether it has worked or not on XenForo unless I put particular users in that group.


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If you follow the instructions on that page, it will work.

The markup is only displayed in the areas listed though.
Ok, I've adjusted a couple of things so hopefully all goes well. In regards to the following code though;
<span style="color: #E9AB17">+</span> Customer
Should the "<span style="color: #E9AB17">+</span>" part be listed in the 'User Title Override' field, or in the 'User Name CSS'? I want the plus sign (+) to be coloured and in front of the word 'Customer'.
Awesome, that's exactly where it is now. Thanks Brogan. I'll be sure to post if I encounter any other issues, after reading the help documentation of course.