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User exist in db but xenforo says not exiting user


we have succesfully imported our forum from vb4 to xenforo last week.
it is now up and running live for 1,5 weeks.
sofar we have not recognized errors on the imported datas.

now i have a user which is not recognized by xenforo.
i can find it in the admin tool of xenforo, but when i click on the link to work on its properties the error meassage comes up that the user is not to be found.

i checked the db, user entry is existing and i also do not find with my understanding any unregular entries etc.

someone has an idea to get this account back?



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Is it possible you can PM me an admin log in and the details of the problem user?
It will be easier to take a look directly to try and determine what the problem is.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Just having a look now.

You have more than one problem user, ID's 3903 and 3904 for example also return an error.

Did you encounter any problems when you used the importer?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
OK, the corresponding records are missing in the xf_user_profile table.

Where there any server issues when doing the import?

Mike confirmed that the inserts in the user tables are all done together so something must have happened during the write process.

we had some errors but not for the users as I rember.
there is also a saved import reccord "archived_import_log_28042011" in the db.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Mike said he may be able to throw together a script later to insert the missing user records, but it's possible that there are other problems in the DB which haven't yet manifested themselves.

Have you gone live with the site yet?
Is it possible to do the import again?
the site is live already.

of corse we have the old db available, I do not know what happens if we reimport e.g. users... might this be possible?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Don't do anything just yet.

Mike said he will be able to have a look later, after the Formula One, which is where I'm going to disappear now for a few hours :)


XenForo developer
Staff member
To start, I see no reason for this issue to have happened. The importers should be using a process that inserts into all user-related tables at the same time; if any of the queries fail, it would stop the process with an error. As Brogan implied, it's possible that there are other inconsistencies in the DB. I can't begin to guess why this happened.

Regardless, this query will fix the issue. Run it via phpMyAdmin or similar:
insert ignore into xf_user_profile (user_id) select user_id from xf_user;
It's not totally ideal, but it will allow the broken users to begin functioning again. (I don't think people could even log in to the broken accounts.)
hi mike,

thx for your reply - I´ll have a talk with my technical friend that he checks the integrity of the DB.

the user i know is not able to login, yes.

I´ll check the query and report back.


message was that 10 entries have been reworked by the query.

thx a lot guys! ( and sorry for the same german on the podium ;) )


I can report, that respective users are able again to login.
All "old" profil datas are available.

Thx :)