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User criteria/trophy for adding thread tags


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I've just had a guy spend a couple hours tagging yesterday and then again today on my forum. He's doing a great job and I'm so grateful. I want to be able to reward him somehow for that.


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This is all one guy. We're a small forum, so it means a lot. I'd give him a trophy manually, but I always regret manual actions like that later, and I want to show equal appreciation for the "slow and steady" taggers as well.




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That's awesome. This thread is a great model of positive developer interaction.

For anyone else, I found the following SQL helpful for manually identifying users who tag a lot. It provides a count of the number of times a user has added a tag that is still in the database.
SELECT * , count( add_user_id )
FROM `xf_tag_content`
GROUP BY add_user_id
ORDER BY count( add_user_id ) DESC
LIMIT 0 , 30
I applied it by clicking on the SQL tab of the xf_tag_content table from within phpMyAdminand got the following: