User can't register - error message

Core Freedom

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I have been getting much less user registrations since the upgrade a few days ago. One potential user just sent an email saying that she gets an error message when she tries to register:

Error on registration

Please correct the following errors:

Sorry, you must wait longer to create an account.
Something went wrong. Please try again or contact the administrator.


XenForo moderator
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The first message indicates the timer hadn't expired.

Do you have any add-ons installed related to registration?

Have you tried registering yourself to check whether it is a site or user problem?

Core Freedom

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Hi Andrej, Ooh, I need that regtimer. I get over 150 spammers trying to log on every day. I just tried registering and it was fine too. But even yesterday with the regtimer I was able to approve members, it's just that there has been 1/3 of registrations since the upgrade, and I'm not sure if some registrations go through and others don't. But I definitely need that regtimer.


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Some users that want to register on my site are getting this message as well, I've checked I have no outdated templates, what else can I check? I can't reproduce the error myself.